Friday, 23 April 2010

How do people become Solo Birds?

There are many myths as to how the 'Solo Bird' came about.... Some say it was due to the feminist movement, others say it was due to a woman's heart being broken just one too many times and others say it is some genetic dysfunction. Yet after years of studying 'solo birds' I have come to realise....the men are just not good enough! That is it, that is the answer. When a man appears perfect yet every time you think about him you do not feel entirely feel a little uneasy....then he is not right. He is not your man. As when you have found your perfect lovebird you won't feel uneasy. You will feel 100% calm around him and you will want to spend hours thinking about how amazing he is and telling your friends (if they can stand to listen). I have been a Solo Bird for many many years. I have dated/gone out with/given attention to more men then I can count however NEVER did I become a Love Bird. Do you know why? Because the men were not good enough. I have created this blog to tell all you beautiful, funny, wonderful woman about all the bird cracking tricks I have come across and why I will never become a Lovebird until I find the RIGHT man. This is not a blog written by a woman to boast of her perfect love life. This is a blog written by a woman who knows how messy the nest can get and wants to support her fellow solos and laugh at the ridiculous games the males can play.

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