Friday, 23 April 2010

Who Wants A Cave Man? Type 1 of the dysfunctional male

When you think you know someone but suddenly they appear so different from what you believed them to be does that you mean you never knew them, that they have changed, that they have changed their opinions on you or that they are just schizophrenic ?!!!!! I do not understand how someone can come across in one way for an extended period of intensive time yet suddenly switch entirely and the sweet, exciting, funny, accommodating, slightly vunerable image that they had before is replaced by a slightly aggressive, moody, scary being who could make you cry. Is it because of an inner battle or just incredible acting. And is this new person the act or is the past the act. I really feel that in a situation such as this it is better to cut your losses and leave. Yet what about all the things you have invested....your time, your energy, your kindness, your belief that this person is actually kind and interesting and different. Is it worth it to leave and never come back if you don't know whether this new person is permanent or just an imprint of energy picked up from elsewhere and disguising the person you once new.

When someone appears interesting, insightful, empathetic and sweet yet you know they have a history of violent manipulation of a girls mind and soul should you ever trust them in the first place? Even though they say they act differently towards you? The answer to this cannot be no, as this would mean that people can never change and I know as a fact that this is not true. However if whilst they are with you they are behaving with manipulative tendencies towards other woman, though not to yourself your guard should definitely go up. As who the hell would want to be with someone who treats a woman in such a disgusting way anyway? Then again if someone is such a beast to other girls does that mean you should try and help them change their ways or should you just desert them and leave them to learn a very tough lesson. however if you do this perhaps other girls will be damaged by such an animal and then it could possibly be your fault. Yet then they act sweet and go up and down like a bouncy ball....animal...evolved...animal...evolved.

The biggest warning sign should be if someone compares themselves to a hunter gatherer as if they are comparing themselves to such basic, animalistic, unevolved creatures and they find this a way of justifying their own behaviour and making this behaviour appear normal then they are not evolved and if they are not evolved they have not got the advanced human qualities that you need, as an evolved human yourself. Who wants to be with a cave man?

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