Friday, 23 April 2010

The Solo Bird

Are you (or any of your friends) a 'solo bird'? It doesn't matter if you have the most ideal boyfriend and he is madly in love with you and perfect. You still will find flaws in him..."he is too flabby", "he snorts when he laughs", "he doesn't hold his fork properly"... Being a 'solo bird' does not meant that you are necessarily picky, a 'solo bird' when asked may state no flaws about her lover. Yet she has a niggling feeling and when asked by friends wanting to hear beautiful 'lovebird' stories about how much she is in love, she is always slightly hesitant....slightly withdrawn and though the 'solo bird' knows that this man is amazing and wonderful and loving and kind she cannot give herself entirely away. Though she is part Lovebird, the Solobird still lives on.

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